How to measure 

A wig is like a tailored garment, and the precision of your head measurements is paramount to guaranteeing a cozy and natural fit. This not only minimizes any potential discomfort but also ensures an authentic appearance. For detailed instructions, please review the description below or click the provided link to observe our leading specialist demonstrating the process.

1. Circumference: Measure the circumference of your head by placing a tape measure around your hairline, starting from the front of your hairline, around the back, and back to the front. Ensure the tape measure is snug but not too tight.

2. Front to Nape: Measure from the front of your hairline (where you'd like the wig to start) to the nape of your neck (the lowest point on your head at the back).

3. Ear to Ear (Across Forehead): Measure from the front of one ear, across your forehead, to the front of the other ear. This helps determine the width of the wig you'll need.

4. Ear to Ear (Over the Top): Measure from one ear, over the top of your head, to the other ear. This measurement ensures that the wig will fit securely over your head.

5. Temple to Temple: Measure from one temple to the other, going around the back of your head. This is another measurement for the width of the wig.

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